Developing an offsite SEO strategy starts with sharing your visibility goals and the content you intend to promote.

From the initial brief, the "As Is" analysis phase begins, in which the following factors are identified:

  1. Current visibility of the website that needs to be promoted in relation to visibility objectives
  2. Status of the main KPIs related to the offsite SEO of the website that needs to be promoted (Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Domain Authority, number of incoming links, etc.)


indicates the quality of a website’s incoming links

What determines Trust Flow

number of external links on a page, credibility of the linking website, quality of the article/content containing the link to the website, visibility of the linking website in Google results


indicates the number of citations and links that Google detects on the web related to a given website

What increases Citation Flow

press releases that mention the brand, industry articles that link to the website, branded content that generates viral traffic (sharing, etc.)

  1. Analysis of other competitor websites on Google in relation to target searches

As a result of the analysis, we create a link building and content marketing strategy including an editorial calendar, a list of websites to be involved, publication costs and frequency.

In the evaluation of the websites that we will involve, the qualitative parameters of the links come into play, in particular a link must have the following characteristics:

Natural: i.e. perceived as spontaneous by the spiders

Positioning in the first parts of the text: making it more clickable and visible

Targeted anchor text: Targeted anchor text: the clickable text of the link must contain the target keywords of the link building activities in order to provide the correct information to search engines

Additional attributes (nofollow, etc.): to indicate which links to follow

Our network already has over 150,000 websites divided by country, topics and sectors of activity, Citation Flow and Trust Flow. We are able to follow OFFSITE SEO activities and link building in Italy, major European countries and the United States.

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